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Epicfiction MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master novel - Chapter 54 - Rewards And Skill Selection sour event -p3


Novel - MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master - MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master

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Chapter 54 - Rewards And Skill Selection guess mice

Thrive! JACKPOT !

Sideffects : gamer will be in a stressed state for 2 many hours right after 20 mins of skill activation

[KNIGHTS COMPANION] ( PASSIVE) (KNIGHT School Certain) : All mounts will be obedient plus a reliable mate in combat , the likelihood of fleeing -70Percent , they will be on you through thick and thin.

unassigned stat issues :180

PHY : 152 HP : 16000/16000

congrats on eradicating the other period from the cleverness stat analyze adventurer , one has 30s to prepare for the last one particular


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(KNIGHTS DETERMINATION ) ( KNIGHT Category Particular Talent) : provides you 5 mere seconds of immortality after hp reaches .

(KNIGHTS Willpower ) ( KNIGHT CLASS SPECIAL Ability) : provides 5 secs of immortality just after hewlett packard strikes .

Competitor Identity : Shakuni

There were an absolute of 27 techniques to choose from.... However Rudra aldready selected 2 before forthcoming on this page. He select the Knights partner inactive skill and Knights valor productive competency.

Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten

In case the family pet does not consideration the proprietor they could also not tune in to the managers instructions in conflict. This expertise was a lot usefull .

Subclass : not any

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Decide on One Of Several THREE Unique Techniques

Using the formation startup accomplish the warfare started out and both sides showered arrows on the infantry ..... Rudra's aspect were built with a slight edge within the infantry change in the first minutes or so , on the other hand while using cavalry blending to the frey Rudra's side quickly continued the defensive.

Rudra well prepared for the past evaluation ..... It turned out an evaluation of technique and combat. Either side was presented 200 troops with 100 infantry , 50 cavalry and 50 archers . This system needed the method of splitting up the full platoon into 4 the same squads with 50 troops each and every.

The Issue

Rudra checked his stats .


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Weapons : Windcutter ( sword) , Common Bow , quiver of arrows , Excalibur (Sword) ( Duplicate)

Attach : not one

(KNIGHTS Dedication ) ( KNIGHT Category SPECIAL Ability) : provides you 5 a few moments of immortality just after hp strikes .

Infamy :

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Rudra well prepared for the last check ..... It absolutely was an exam of method and warfare. Each side was supplied 200 troops with 100 infantry , 50 cavalry and 50 archers . The machine required the solution of splitting up the whole platoon into 4 match squads with 50 troopers each one.

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[ KNIGHTS VALOR ] ( Productive) ( KNIGHT Type Precise ) : Person may use this proficiency to instantly regain ten percent hewlett packard when hp is below 5Per cent , to go on the overcome for recognize

Infamy :

INT : 146 STA : 144

/// Feel free to remark below exactly what you males think should be picked out ..... With fantastic reasoning however .... Lets determine if you men can transform my mind with regards to the one i select , also enables see if you can you know what m about to pick out ///

The system alert rang .... Well done on cleaning another period of the intellect evaluation..... Now onto power....

Infamy :

unassigned stat points :180

PHY : 152 HP : 16000/16000