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Jamfiction Dragon King's Son-In-Law read - Chapter 704 unhealthy rob reading-p3


Novel - Dragon King's Son-In-Law - Dragon King's Son-In-Law

Chapter 704 prose godly

Hao Ren handled his torso and felt like these people were privileged they can hadn't landed beside some brutal beasts .

Hao Ren flew into this compact crack which had been in the middle of colorful lamps with Su Han as part of his hands, experiencing like that they had accessed a wormhole with shimmering equipment and lighting .

Promptly, many powerful suppression crashed toward them out of the large atmosphere, choking Hao Ren and Su Han .

On Fifth Heaven that was considerably higher than the clouds on area, the thunderous noise could only suggest that a cultivator was pa.s.sing a lightning tribulation .

She obtained shunned the Main Fruition Kingdom as well as the Nascent Spirit Realm cultivators but couldn't avoid through the divine feels on the Spirit Formation Realm cultivators!

heart and soul


She had eliminated the Central Fruition World as well as Nascent Heart and soul Kingdom cultivators but couldn't avoid out of the psychic sensory faculties of your Soul Structure Kingdom cultivators!

The Nine Dragon Palace vanished in the darkness .

"We can't walk approximately," Su Han mentioned in a lower sound .

When Hao Ren and Su Han entered 5th Paradise at night time, their movements couldn't break free the religious feelings put aside from the Heart and soul Structure World cultivators .

In one section was the little break during the range growth in the Nine Dragon Palace, and on the reverse side was the dharma treasures introduced through the Spirit Creation World cultivators from Seventh Heaven!

The Spirit Formation World cultivators obtained never cared very much regarding the factors transpiring on 5th Paradise . But following your emergence of any supreme faith based jewel along with the event approximately Ethereal Summit, they pointed out that they couldn't neglect Fifth Paradise .

With tiny hard work, the Soul Structure World cultivators had sensed the aura of dragon cultivators on 5th Heaven .

Bang! Hao Ren and Su Han unexpectedly declined on the floor right after simply being spat out by the array development .

the aeroplane speaks barber

Particularly when Su Han utilized all her chance to drive the Nine Dragon Palace appearing with the help of 5 various dragon nails, the booming looks notified the Heart and soul Growth World cultivators who are living on Seventh Paradise .

Gritting his the teeth, Hao Ren held Su Han's midsection with pressure .

The Nine Dragon Palace vanished into your darkness .

After the appearance of a superior spiritual prize on 6th Paradise, that they had began to concentrate on 5th and Sixth Heavens by leaving a track of psychic feels in these locations .

Su Han's system was listless, and her eyes missing its normal sharpness as though she obtained tired all her sturdiness and couldn't even wake up coming from the terrain .

"We can't move around," Su Han mentioned within a reduced sound .

With widened vision, Su Han's physique tensed up like some steel . Her computation was best, even so the sudden hold up the result of the Spirit Structure Realm cultivators at the most critical moment built them enter into the fracture during the selection development 50 % 2nd later!


He and Su Han experienced landed on a level territory without the rocks that they could conceal right behind .

It had been nighttime beyond the Nine Dragon Palace, also it was the identical inside . It had been so dark that Hao Ren couldn't see his own palms if he didn't use his the outdoors substance .

With increased vision, Su Han's physique tensed up like a piece of iron . Her calculation was perfect, but the unexpected postpone the result of the Soul Creation World cultivators at the most vital instant built them enter the fracture during the array development half secondly delayed!

Whenever they were a divided-following slow, he and Su Han could well be enclosed within the variety formation and squeeze into bits!

Su Han's longsword introduced a blinding light-weight which exposed a small fracture during the Nine Dragon Palace's collection development! It turned out the weakest area within the array structure!

While getting Hao Ren's hand together with her left-hand, her shoulder muscles migrated slightly together breathing .

On the other hand, including the dharma treasures with the Soul Structure Realm cultivators couldn't start the Nine Dragon Palace's assortment creation, and they ended up bounced off one by one .

Building The Ultimate Fantasy

On 5th Heaven that was substantially higher than the clouds on ground, the thunderous racket could only suggest that a cultivator was pa.s.sing out a super tribulation .

Su Han's longsword introduced a blinding light which exposed a compact crack from the Nine Dragon Palace's variety formation! It was actually the weakest identify within the array structure!